LED Lighting

On average, lighting accounts for up to 30% of commercial energy consumption. Much of the lighting used in large properties is inefficient in terms of energy usage; and as lights are often on all day and occasionally all night, this leads to high running costs.

With this in mind, LED lighting provides an energy productive and cost saving solution; the most apparent advantage being a reduction in power consumption. LED is much more efficient than fluorescent lighting and can significantly reduce a buildings energy costs overall.

In most cases, LED tubes can be retrofitted onto existing fittings, providing a fast, easy and cost effective way to slash energy bills.

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All of our in-house lighting designers and surveyors are fully trained by the NICEIC and we only use genuine CE approved products sourced via a large bank of manufacturers that work very closely with us to ensure the right products are specified for each project. Where possible, we also do our best to use British designed and manufactured products.

Designing a new LED lighting system is also not as simple as replacing current luminaries with new energy efficient lighting – many installers are unaware that new lighting systems need to meet many different legislations including the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Rest assured that at EvoEnergy, our design team is fully trained about these laws and each solution we design is compliant to meet all of the British laws and British & EU standards.

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What are the benefits of LED Lighting


As solid-state light sources, LEDs have very long lifetimes and are generally very robust. While incandescent bulbs may have an expected lifetime (to failure) of 1000 hours, many of the LED fittings we use have a minimum of a 5-year or 75,000 hour lifetime guarantee.

LEDs are high-efficiency light sources. White LEDs with efficacies of 25 lm/W and up are commercially available, exceeding the performance of incandescent and some fluorescent sources. The directional nature of light produced by LEDs allows the design of luminaires with higher overall efficiency.

LEDs do not contain mercury and in many cases steps are being taken to replace lead-containing solders (used mainly to fix LEDs to circuit boards) with lead-free material, in line with European directives. The energy-efficient nature of LEDs also makes them environmentally friendly.

In many applications, LEDs are expensive compared with other light sources, yet LED manufacturers continue to work towards reducing their production costs while at the same time increasing the light output of their devices. Over time, due to longer life expectancy and lower maintenance requirements LED's are a sound, long term investment.

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