New Build PV

Integrating a solar PV system into your new build home will help you meet all the minimum renewable energy requirements stipulated by industry bench marks and regulations such as PART L (of the building regulations) as well as improving your BREEAM score.

Although a large percentage of installations in the UK are retro-fits, the construction sector has the advantage of integrating renewable technology into the planning which gives us a fresh opportunity to demonstrate our market leading design and innovation.

With the cost of energy technology generally self-funded and factored into the construction budget, the systems not only integrate well, but they also take full advantage of both the energy bill savings and the feed-in tariff payments.

Using our experience we have managed to gain the trust of some the countries largest home builders including Persimmon Homes and Lovell, delivering PV to sites often including over 200 homes.

Helping you on your way to energy compliance

There are many legal requirements that apply to the construction sector surrounding renewable energy, such as PART L (of the building regulations) that demand a new build to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 10% of the consumed electricity onsite.

For construction projects within Greater London, the recently updated ‘London Plan’ takes this further and demands that all new buildings generate a minimum of 15% of electricity demand onsite from renewable technology.

Although the BREEAM assessment isn’t a legal requirement, your building’s score can be greatly increased in many of the energy categories with the integration of a solar PV system. Collectively, these credits will have a huge impact on the overall score.

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